Yoga for women - Yoga Nashit

Michal Rokem-Negev



Yoga as a pathway to a woman's heath.

Yoga is a tradition thousands of years old developed  from a deep understanding of humans, the nature that surrounds us, the relationships we have with ourselves and others and with life itself.  The meaning of the word Yoga is Unity, Unity with ourselves and with our surroundings


Over history, Yoga was developed by men and for men.  Men were the ones who taught Yoga and practiced it. Traditional Yoga is based on the needs of a man's body.  The body of women is different from men, so the practice of Yoga has to be different  too.


My teacher, Mira Arzi-Padan, developed Yoga  for women – Yoga Nashit in Israel.
Over the years, while instructing women in different stages of their lives, she studied the benefits that Yoga Practice can bring to women when it is adjusted for their needs.

Yoga for women is different  than any other yoga practice as it emphasizes the women's health.


Yoga for women combines traditional Yoga with the understanding of the uniqueness of the woman's body. Every woman is entitled to have a individually fitted practice. A practice that can give her a chance to get to know herself, understand the cycles of her life, and to observe patterns she would like to change in her life.


The Practice offers a woman's interpretation not only for the different Yoga postures but also for the deep insights that Yoga can give in different phases of women’s lives.
Yoga for women gives women a way to connect to breathing with the core muscles and helps to create a clear and stable inner center.


The nature of the Practice is adapted to the constant changes in a woman's body along the different phases of life. Working deeply with the pelvic floor area can help women cope better with diverse phases such as; menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal, menopause, fertility problems and more.

Yoga for women is a method that offers an opportunity for women to ease symptoms and improve quality of lifeYoga for women is intended for all women at all ages and in any physical condition.